Home Automation in Kitchener

Jag-wire Electric Inc.’s home automation services install highly advanced, sophisticated technology to motor and control almost any function in your home.

From security to lighting and temperature control to air quality, we can help automate it all with a touch of a button.

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What Is a Home Automation System?

If you have ever thought about how amazing it would be to start your coffee machine before getting out of bed, home automation might be an exciting option for you to consider.

With our home automation system, you will be able to connect to various features around your house, and via voice commands or even on automated timers, have them perform simple tasks.

Here are a few examples of how people are using home automation systems today: 

  • Helping your HVAC system running at optimal temperatures
  • Managing various appliances
  • Controlling lighting
  • Tracking and managing electricity costs
  • Monitoring security systems, windows, and doors

In short, a smart home installation with one of our experts can help you save time, money, effort, and even the environment. What’s more, it can help you stay safe and can even help those who are disabled or elderly function more easily and autonomously around the home.

Jag-wire Electric Inc.: Full-Service Home Automation Company

We take great care in making sure that we complete each project with all the important details in mind. That’s why we’ve created a foolproof plan that allows us to excel at every part of our service from the first phone call to the final inspection. We’ll first set a time for an in-depth consultation, and then we’ll get straight to work. Following this, we’ll ensure you of any warrantees on your selected products. Here is more information on our step-by-step process:

Consultations and Assessments

First, we’ll go through a thorough inspection and consultation as we help you figure out what type of smart home automation features will work best for your preferences and budget.

From there, we’ll likely make a few recommendations at various price points and then move into project planning.

Project Execution

Throughout the project itself, we’re always sure to stick to an agreed-upon schedule and offer the utmost respect to your household. This might include putting dust covers on furniture or covering the ground so as not to get your carpets dirty. 


We make sure that we end each project with a thorough inspection. We leave our customers with our guarantee, as well as plenty of information on warranties, maintenance, and other follow-up details.

Call Kitchener’s Smart Home Automation Pros

At Jag-wire Electric Inc., we’re dedicated to making our clients’ life easier with comprehensive home automation. Our experts want to help you find greater comfort, safety, and convenience in your home or even your business.

If you want to learn more about how smart technology can serve you, reach out at (519) 400-0369 today for more information or a no-obligation estimate!